Coronavirus reinfections: three questions scientists are asking (

When news broke last week that a man living in Hong Kong had been infected with the coronavirus again, months after recovering from a previous bout of COVID-19, immunologist Akiko Iwasaki had an unusual reaction. “I was really kind of happy,” she says. “It’s a nice textbook example of how the immune response should work.”

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Scientists are reporting several cases of Covid-19 reinfection — but the implications are complicated (

ollowing the news this week of what appears to have been the first confirmed case of a Covid-19 reinfection, other researchers have been coming forward with their own reports. One in Belgium, another in the Netherlands. And now, one in Nevada.

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Trump, without evidence, accuses FDA of delaying coronavirus vaccine trials and pressures agency chief (

CNN) President Donald Trump on Saturday accused, without providing any evidence, the US Food and Drug Administration of deliberately delaying coronavirus vaccine trials, pressuring the man he had picked to head the agency.

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Nearly 70,000 lives could be saved in the next 3 months if more Americans wore masks, researchers say (

(CNN)Another 134,000 people could die in the US from Covid-19 by December if no further safety measures are mandated -- and the actual number probably would be much worse if mandates are relaxed, researchers say.

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Coronavirus: Germany puts on crowded concerts to study risks (

Three pop concerts are being staged on one day in Germany to enable scientists to investigate the risks of such mass indoor events during the pandemic.

Some 4,000 healthy volunteers aged between 18 and 50 were urged to sign up for Saturday's study in Leipzig, carried out by Halle University.

Singer-songwriter Tim Bendzko agreed to perform at all three successive gigs.

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Coronavirus pandemic could be over within two years - WHO head (

The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) says he hopes the coronavirus pandemic will be over in under two years.

Speaking in Geneva, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the Spanish flu of 1918 had taken two years to overcome.

But he added that current advances in technology could enable the world to halt the virus "in a shorter time".

"Of course with more connectiveness, the virus has a better chance of spreading," he said.

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Covid-19 infections leave an impact on the heart, raising concerns about lasting damage (

Two new studies from Germany paint a sobering picture of the toll that Covid-19 takes on the heart, raising the specter of long-term damage after people recover, even if their illness was not severe enough to require hospitalization.

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Southeast Asia Detects Mutated Virus Strain Sweeping the World (

(Bloomberg) -- Southeast Asia is facing a strain of the new coronavirus that the Philippines, which faces the region’s largest outbreak, is studying to see whether the mutation makes it more infectious. The strain, earlier seen in other parts of the world and called D614G, was found in a Malaysian cluster of 45 cases that started from someone who returned from India and breached his 14-day home quarantine. The Philippines detected the strain among random Covid-19 samples in the largest city of its capital region.

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