Vaccines are safe. But huge numbers of people around the world say they wouldn't take a Covid jab (

(CNN) Susan Bailey, a 57-year-old retired nurse from Florida, has had all her jabs and gets a flu shot every year. She's a vocal Joe Biden supporter -- and one of a growing number of people globally who say they wouldn't take a coronavirus vaccine even if one becomes available soon.

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The cardiac threat coronavirus poses to athletes (

Cardiologists are increasingly concerned that coronavirus infections could cause heart complications that lead to sudden cardiac death in athletes.

Why it matters: Even if just a tiny percentage of COVID-19 cases lead to major cardiac conditions, the sheer scope of the pandemic raises the risk for those who regularly conduct the toughest physical activity — including amateurs who might be less aware of the danger.

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Manhattan sees record number of vacant apartments amid coronavirus (

Manhattan is a raging renter’s market, new data show.

There were 13,117 vacant rental apartments in the borough last month — a 122 percent increase over July 2019, according to the Elliman Report.

Last July, there were only 5,912 units available, according to the report by real estate experts Douglas Elliman and Miller Samuel.

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Hurricane Evacuees Would Spread the Coronavirus by the Thousands (

The study examines how four South Florida counties that are hotspots for coronavirus — Miami Dade, Palm Beach, Monroe and Broward — would influence the spread of COVID-19 should a Category 3 hurricane hit the area and force some residents to flee to safer regions.

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